The Raft



Daniel Giménez Cacho, Maria Björnstam, Mary Gidley, Rachida Lièvre, Edna Reves, Fé Seymour

Director: Marcus Lindeen

Running Time: 98 minutes

Certificate: 12A - moderate sex references


Format: 2D

“An absorbing portrait of a bold (or foolhardy) historical experiment that hits many of today’s hot-button topics, dominated by a compelling and complex central figure.”
-Ian Freer, Empire Magazine

"As well as showing footage of the journey, the film reunites the crew’s six female members and one of the men. Their discussion suggests -- touchingly -- that they have continued to nourish the kindness “and diplomacy.”
- Edward Porter, Sunday Times

“It’s all splendid fruit for a documentary, especially given two things: the remarkable filmed record of the expedition at the time, and the fact that seven of its members are still alive.”
-Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph

The Raft is a documentary about a 1970s social experiment in which a disparate group of strangers were recruited for an Atlantic crossing.



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