The Limehouse Golem



Olivia Cooke, Bill Nighy, Douglas Booth, Adam Brown, Daniel Mays, Eddie Marsan, Amelia Crouch, Morgan Watkins, Clive Brunt

Director: Juan Carlos Medina

Running Time: 109 minutes

Certificate: 15 - strong bloody violence, gory images, strong sex, sexual violence

Country: UK

Format: 2D

"I really, really liked it!"
-Mark Kermode

"The Limehouse Golem is a fast-moving horror-cum-panto, nicely staged, all fog and darkness, with the melodrama and off-colour humour of the music-hall itself."
-David Sexton, London Evening Standard

"Just when you think you never want to see another 1880s London prostitute get stabbed by a mysterious psychopath, along comes a movie like this that puts a nice spin on it.
-Jordan Hoffman, Guardian

"This camp, shocking and surreal delicacy is one of the finest – if oddest – genre films of the year. With Cooke a revelation, and Nighy an engaging inspector, this is a ripper of a yarn."
-Josh Winning, Total Film

Victorian London is gripped with fear as a serial killer is on the loose and leaving cryptic messages written in the blood of his victims. With few leads and increasing public pressure, Scotland Yard assigns the case to Inspector Kildare, a seasoned detective who has a sneaking suspicion that he’s being set up to fail. Faced with a long list of suspects, Kildare must rely on help from a witness to stop the murders and bring the maniac to justice.


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